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Dr. McAlister & Michael Chapitis Present their Discussion on “Finding Place”

Feb 04 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


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Dr. Kenneth McAlister and Michael Chapitis present their lecture on Finding Place to the TWS Community on Monday, February 4th at 7:30 PM. The talk will take place in the Forest Frogs Classroom at the school. Please plan on sending one representative/family to this special educational opportunity.

“Finding Place”

The pedagogic and parental challenge of helping a child find self.


Join us for a discussion with Dr. Kenneth McAlister B.A. MD, General Practitioner and Certified in Anthroposophic Medicine and Therapeutic Eurythmyst Michael Chapitis on how therapeutic eurythmy can help children work through behavioural and attention difficulties.

Today there are many way of understanding the behavioural and attention difficulties children present with in going through the wonderful and challenging steps to becoming adult. We will explore some of the perspectives Waldorf Education brings to meet these challenges. We all experience how different children are from one another. These differences can often have a constitutional basis and seeing this can be very helpful in guiding the child through the transformational processes of maturation. The Grimm’s Fairytale, Iron John, gives an imaginative yet exact portrayal of the steps of development and actually gives indications for what will help the child on the journey to adulthood. This story will be used as a background for a more contemporary approach to meeting the child’s needs through seeing the constitution. Rudolf Steiner, who developed Waldorf Education, also inspired a form of therapeutic movement named Eurythmy. Specifically he gave two different movement sequences to help children working through very different constitutions. These mirror the indications given in the story “Iron John”. The gestures in the sequences will be demonstrated at different times through the presentation to help us experience the struggles different children have and what is won by working through them.

Dr. Kenneth McAlister B.A. MD:

Kenneth McAlister B.A. MD is a General Practitioner licensed in the Province of Ontario, Canada and Certified in Anthroposophic Medicine and has worked as a school doctor for many years in different Waldorf Schools. He is a founding member of the Canadian Anthroposophic Medical Association, the Ontario Society of Physicians for Complementary Medicine and the Ontario Medical Association Section for Complementary Medicine. After working for five years in rural and emergency room medicine, he established a medical practice in an anthroposophic community near Toronto where he has been active for thirty years. He has helped develop a team of physicians and other therapists working with the modalities of anthroposophic medicine. In addition, as President of the Board of Directors, he has been involved with developing the Hesperus Fellowship Community which now provides care for over one hundred elders.

Michael Chapitis:

Michael Chapitis is an Eurythmic Therapist who has been providing therapeutic eurythmy to Halton Waldorf students since 1999. He works with kindergarten to grade eight students on a part time basis to three Waldorf schools: Halton, Trillium and the Waldorf Academy. Michael is one of four eurythmic therapists in Canada having completed the seven year Therapeutic Eurythmy Program.

His work addresses the application of eurythmy in areas of physical and emotional imbalance in learning. Michael received much of his mentoring and further training with renowned educator Marjorie Spock, who witnessed the birthing of eurythmy under Rudolf Steiner in the early 1900s and founded Waldorf Schools in North America. Michael also offers annual courses in Switzerland to eurythmists and physicians.


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